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So you've decided to ditch the traditional wedding...

You didn't want the day to be focused on everyone else!

You didn't family pressure or drama!

You didn't want the same experience most couples have!

So, You're not doing the Traditional wedding

what do you do?

Instead of doing what most couples do

you throw out all of the rules and take back the decision-making and

You open the door to all possibilities

I'm Jeni

boy and cat mom | wife | adventure lover

Hi Everyone!  I'm Jeni!  I'm the lead photographer and planner for Resfeber Elopements. 

A little about me - I love true crime podcasts and tv series, I'm a junkie for Netflix binging with my husband, and I absolutely love watching my son play baseball.  As a family we enjoy hiking, fishing, and movie nights!

Why am I your perfect elopement photographer?  Because of my why!  I chose elopement photography after capturing traditional weddings for years.  My husband and I eloped in 2020.  After experiencing the freedom and intimacy of our elopement, I just knew this was my calling as a photographer.  I am here to be your photographer, your planner, your guide, and your best friend through the process and beyond!


I'm Your:

Planning Advisor
Location Scout
Experience Advocate

I'm Based In:


Current Bucket List Elopement:

Denali National Park and Preserve

Favorite Moment of Every Elopement:

The moment my clients arrive at the chosen spot of their elopement!!

Are you ready to elope with me??

Reach out to me with your ideas of your elopement day.

Step One

It always starts with a phone call or video chat!!  Why?  This is our first chance to get to know each other.  It's your opportunity to hit me with all of the questions you have and it's my chance to give you all of the information you need to get your elopement experience started!!

The main question you you need to answer is:  What do you want the biggest day of your life to be like?  When you close your eyes and think about marrying the love of your life, what do you see, hear, and feel?

From this call, I gather up all of your ideas and then I can run with it in helping you plan your dream elopement!

Step two

Elopement Planning with Resfeber Elopements

Over the next weeks, months, or even year, we will spend time working together to plan your epic elopement adventure!!  This isn't wedding planning - this is "having the best day of your lifetime" planning!!  
During this time, I will be finding you resources for whatever your dreams are hoping for.  There will be a lot of emailing/texting back and forth about your favorite elopement dresses, what are the best shoes, excursions to fill your day, etc.
Planning is my jam!!  I love it!  So I'm pretty confident I can help you plan an elopement day you never want to end.
Even though I love the planning, my favorite part about this process is getting close to my couples and forming new friendships!

Step Two

Step three

Your Dream Elopement Day has Arrived!!

Yay!!  Your dream elopement day is here! This day is everything you have been hoping for since you got engaged!  This day is representing the two of you and the love you have for each other - intimate, beautiful, meaningful, stress-free, fun and exciting!

Today, you might be getting ready in an Airstream or the Airbnb you are going to spend your first night as. husband and wife in.  Then you might be off on a helicopter ride to view the sights before being dropped off at "the spot" where you tell each other your vows.  You might then be having your first dance as the sun sets over the horizon.  And finally you might be off to a romantic picnic on the rooftop of a building overlooking the lights of the city.
No matter how your day plays out - I will be there with you, documenting every precious moment for you.


Step Three

Resfeber Elopements offers packages for every kind of elopement!!

International Elopements - Starting at $7600
Ireland, Iceland, Patagoina - You name it and we can make it happen!!  Start at 8 hour coverage.
Anywhere in the U.S.A Elopements - Starting at $5400
National Parks, Beaches, Waterfalls - The options are limitless!  Start at 8 hour coverage.
Tennessee Elopements - Starting at $2400
Tennessee has a little bit of everything to offer!!  Mountains, creeks, city life and so much more!!  Start at 4 hour coverage.

*All packages include:
Photo coverage by Jeni
Personal Elopement Consultant
Travel Fees
Optional Complimentary Officiant Service

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